The definitive guide to embedded finance providers: A first step towards financial inclusion for SMEs

Embedded finance is the fastest growing trend in the fintech industry right now, with almost £7 trillion worth of opportunities for platforms and merchants.

Most companies already know that there is a huge opportunity for them to explore B2B embedded financial solutions - but there is still a lot to learn about what the product is, who is the best provider, and how to seamlessly integrate financial services on their platform.

In “The definitive guide to embedded finance providers,” we answer all these questions and explore how modern embedded finance products can be tailored to every company's specific needs. This guide will discuss:

  • What is embedded finance?
  • The different types of embedded finance
  • What to look for in a provider
  • How to integrate embedded financial products
  • The benefits for platforms and SMEs

For companies wanting to take the first step into embedded finance - this is the perfect guide.

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