Building Reliable and Secure Fintech Systems in 2022

Recent events have proven that the reliability of your tech systems is key to success in the financial services industry. This is necessary to prepare for unforeseen circumstances and move quickly to capitalise on new opportunities.

Issues caused by suboptimal tech choices are commonplace in the industry, leading to companies struggling under unexpected system stress or being unable to adapt in time when their business requirements change. While no two projects are the same, we’ve observed some common themes for using scalable, future-proof technologies to build diverse fintech systems. Taking advantage of these learnings sets financial service providers up to have reliable, secure, futureproof systems, providing a solid foundation for long term success.

This and other key trends in fintech are covered in this whitepaper “Technology Trends in Fintech for 2022” to help bridge the gap in shared knowledge and understanding between tech teams and business leaders.

What you will learn from this report:

  • 5 key technology themes for financial services in 2022
  • Tips for implementing successful tech strategy
  • Which technologies are changing the competitive landscape
  • More about the secret-sauce programming languages powering some of the most successful global fintech firms
  • The power of Open Source tech and how to leverage it

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